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I know I can't be the only one of us that feels things have changed between us. To me it feels as if our conversations and texts are getting more and more..."strained" (for lack of a better word). To me it feels as if once you have moved our conversations will be even less frequent, but believe me when I say I hope beyond all hope this is proved wrong.

I know we will never sit down and talk before you leave, let alone me being able to treat you to dinner. I understand all the "we'll see"s and "maybe"s were your way of saying no without being rude. I'm just sorry it took me so long to realize this. I'm sure my repeated mentioning of talking to you was probably annoying. I now realize that some questions are destined to go unanswered.

So, I am writing this just to tell you a few things I have been unable to tell you in person. Firstly, you know I have deep feelings for you. I do not mean it lightly when I say I love you. I truly mean it. I'm not asking you to reciprocate or to even say anything back. I know you don't feel the same anymore. I use the word "anymore" because whether or not you ever did, I'm choosing to believe you did. Believing it gives me hope that someone somewhere will be able to as well. I can only hope that if I ever do meet this person, she is even half as amazing and beautiful as you are.

Secondly is something I have told you before. It is my one wish for you, to truly be happy. Happy at home, happy at work, and happy in love. I wish someone sees just how truly amazing you really are, never least you forget it, and does everything in his power to show you. No matter what, that is my one wish for you. True happiness. I have said it before, and I honestly mean it.

The only thing left to say is that I hope everything goes the way you want. I hope this move ends up being the gateway to happiness for you and your kids. I will always be here if you ever need someone to talk to, need to vent, or if you just need a smile.

Forever Yours,
This is a letter I wrote for someone very special to me. Things happened that caused us to drift apart for a little, but eventually found our way back to being friends. She holds the key to my heart and happiness. However, due to personal reasons, she and her kids will be moving out of state shortly. As with any relationship there are still unanswered questions, questions that will never be answered. I gave this letter to her in the hopes of me being a fond memory for her. That was almost a month ago and I have yet to hear a single word from her.
Late Night Walk by Mr-Confused
Late Night Walk
Taken around 3am here. I just love the sky in this photo.
Lost. That's how I feel. It's been so long. *I miss her* We have rebuilt our friendship, but I doubt she wants anything more now. *I miss her* She was and still is the light of my day. Just a glimpse of her brightens my day. Just seeing her name appear on my phone from a text brings a smile to my face. Just to be near her is such a wonderful feeling. To have her smile at me is the most breathtaking wonder I have ever seen. Not only do I miss her, but I love her. With all the love in my heart that is mine to give, I love her. I would cross oceans if she asked it of me. I would do anything she wanted of me. *I miss her* I would do whatever it took just to have her look at me as she once did. That longing in her eyes, that feeling of love from her, that feeling of being hers and of her being mine. But alas, I don't think it will happen again. That look, that fire has left her eyes. Now when she looks at me it's just the empty look everyone else gets. *I miss her* There's nothing special directed towards me. I'm just another person in her life that was once something, but has been cast aside like an unwanted stuffed animal. Something that is there when she needs someone to listen, someone she knows will listen to her woes and heartaches. *I miss her* But does she see the hurt in my eyes? Does she understand the pain I feel to have once been invited into paradise and have known that which was better than my imagination could have ever thought of only to have been cast out? But not out of paradise, just outside of the gates. Close enough for me to still be around, to be able to look through the keyhole, and be taunted by that which I miss so dearly? To feel my heart ache with the pain my love for her causes? *I miss her*

Will I leave? *I miss her*Am I strong enough to turn my back on the best thing and the greatest source of my pain for the sake of my sanity? No, I don not believe I can. So instead, I will continue to stand just at the gates of paradise and spy through that keyhole. *I miss her* I will continue to subject myself to the pain of being so close to heaven and yet, not being able to experience it again. I will remain as I am, a "friend" to her. When things get rough, I am that shoulder for her to cry on. *I miss her* When she has heartaches and woes, I am that ear to listen to her speak and offer advice. When things go good I am that person she shares her joy with. But I am nothing more. I am just here for her when she needs something. *I miss her*

I wonder if I cross her mind during the day. *I miss her* Does she look at something and be reminded of me as I am reminded of her by the littlest of things? Does a song come on the radio and it brings back memories? For me there are songs that come on I can not listen to because of the memories, my eyes fill with tears.


Why? Why do I subject myself to such pain? Why can't I just walk away? The reasoning is as simple as this....

Because I miss her.
Good evening to anyone who may be reading this. Not much is going on in my life, just been busy at work. On a positive note, I will be taking a week vacation in Las Vegas from Sept 4-11!! I'm so excited to be going back! The sights...the sounds...the gambling...the food...the SHOPPING!!!! It is going to be so nice to get out of here and relax!!! And what's even better? When I get back, the next day is my birthday! YES, that's right...I am following my trip to Vegas with a birthday celebration with friends! There will be drinking (of course!), pool playing, possibly dancing, and PIZZA!! YUMMY!!!
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